Paper and pen

Just give a paper and a pen to the person and he will start to write.

If you’ll give a paper and paints – he will start to draw.

What does it mean to me:

  1. The things can be done easily if you’ll provide the field for creativity.
  2. Remove fears to create sketches. Make possible to create as many sketches as possible! The whole picture will be based on them!
  3. Tools are important. They should be useful and simple. It’s highly important if you want to start something!

Examples where it works:

  • Just create some Confluence page to fill unstructured Development Agreements
  • Create a folder just for sketches mockups without mixing with results
  • Create a simple spreadsheet to fill ideas about the project.
  • Create just empty Source code file with very raw functions.

After a while, you’ll see that a picture begins to emerge from the chaos! It will need just some efforts to extract it from sketches and polish.

Don’t be afraid to draw sketches. Just start do it for fun.

spring book with feather sketch
Photo by Alena Koval on

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