What is your orientation?

I often notice that people can be separated into the following groups based on how they get satisfaction from work they do.

  1. Tool-orientated
  2. Process-oritented
  3. Goal-oriented

Let me describe what I mean.  Imagine that a project or a business is a marathon with the finish line.

  1. Tool-orientated people. They like to run in their special boots and sportswear. During the project development, they enjoy playing with the “tool”: it can be some process methodology, framework, service etc. The big concern that they are just focused on playing. If the new tool will arrive and not used – they will be really unhappy and leave the marathon before the finish line. Do they bring profit? Yes, of course: they are brave to use new technologies and they are geeks, they like to dive deep into the details. I think many good experts started in this group.
  2. Process-oriented people like just to run in their own manner… doesn’t matter where is the finish line. They are interested in some work area of the project and they do it in their own way.  They do it well, not restricted by tools and have a good vision of the process they do.  The problem is that they can forget about the work goal. Additionally, they are losing their satisfaction if it’s not possible to make things in their way. From another side, they do they work and will go till the finish line. Not in the top, but still with good result. It depends on the trainer who will remind them about the goals 😉
  3. Finally, Goal-oriented people. They like to meet the finish line … anyway. As a result, they are winners and they like it. It doesn’t matter what tool to use and how. The Goal is their God.  What could be wrong?  They’re using not perfect tools, they can use them in a wrong way, they can bring down other runners. Yes, they are not perfect. But hey… winners are not judged!  The project is completed. It’s good for management, good for the customer and…  quite stressy for the project team 😉

Of course, people are not dedicated just to one group and the project is not just marathon.

All people make some profit for the project, especially in the right place.

But let’s be frank:

If you need to win, you need to be a Goal-oriented person.

Make your choice, but don’t be indifferent to your work!



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