Work without worker

Many times I see the same situation inside the company or just inside the team:

  Work or problem exists, but NOT DEDICATED WORKER assigned on it.

Basically, it’s because of lack of budget or the feelings that there’re no work or problem at all.

Possible examples of such work inside the company: organization of team events, sales support by development experts, employee career management, meetups, education process etc.

Examples of such work inside the team: it can be requirements management, DevOps tasks, manual testing etc.

The problem begins when the project manager or customers say that project requirements will be handled by them or not all (this is the same ;)), or delivered project should have no bugs… Sad, but true.

Let me describe what happens in this case:

Work with not assigned employee are unformally handled by enthusiasts when they have free time.

They change since they are not assigned to this work and are engaged in other activities.

What we see as a result of this work: it has totally different quality and work style, the results are not predictable, not consistent with other work etc.

What I recommend in this case and how it’s done by prospective companies, management or team leaders:

Initially management should recognize the existence of the work or problem and take responsibility over it.

Unfortunately, this is a complex process and occurs when the problem becomes critical.

But let me rephrase this in another way:

If you want to achieve results of the work in the new quality  – assign it to a dedicated person! It will have good effect from the very begining.

The result of the work will be predictable, in the same style and so on. Quality will grow as the person will get a constant experience.

And if you find the right person – it will be Bingo!

Good luck!



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