Software Development Team Manifesto

I’m developing software as a part of the team, or as a manager. My goal is bringing the best value and satisfaction to the customer, company, and the team.  Through this work, I have come to conclusions and values:

  1. The Development Team is one of the most important values of the company.
  2. An Inspired, Satisfied and Professional Team can bring more value and satisfaction to the customer and company than just professional Team or group of independent employees.
  3. Teams are over documentation, tools, and other organizational structures where company expertise and processes are stored.
  4. The skill to act as a Team Player is essential for employees.
  5. Team & Employee Satisfaction is no less important than Customer Satisfaction
  6. Being a part of a Team, ownership of its work results, with the ability to invest and get value from it, is one of the best ways to make employees motivated, engaged and pay attention to quality.
  7. Team Management & Leadership is an essential part of any Software Development Management

It’s in review and will be enriched. Later I’ll also add some principles.

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