It was a white stripe

Against the background of a decrease in connections / interactions within companies due to the coronavirus, I see a tendency towards a decrease in the values of values / attachments / loyalty of employees to the company. This greatly simplifies the attitude of employees towards changing jobs.

According to my feelings, we are only on the eve of a hiring crisis.

It seems to me that it’s time to revise your answers to the question:
“Why our company is better for an employee than company X, Y, Z”.

I see that many people have already accepted the fact that working from home is better than from the office. In fact, the quality and location of the office is no longer important, fresh coffee is not important, there are fewer intersections in extra-project activities, contacts with colleagues have become more abstract and virtual.

When a person stays at home, he definitely loses the mental connection with the context of the company, he contacts more with his personal environment (family, children, park near the house).

It seems to me that it entails a change of focus and priorities – people are more focused on themselves, on their environment, and their personal goals/comfort than on the company and its values, goals.

What’s still in the price is something that can improve the personal environment:

  1. Salary often comes to the fore. Left alone with personal space, there was a clear desire to improve and expand it.
  2. The ability to easily go to a completely different comfortable location for yourself / family (at sea) and work from there.
  3. More time for personal life, less workload (reducing the working week no longer seems fantastic)
  4. Interesting work and a good project team.
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